About Metakoo E Bike

Metakoo electric bike is devoted to help people find and achieve a new way for short trips.

metakoo cybertrack 100 ebike riding

Aukey Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2014, has been focusing on the research, production and sales of lithium electric bikes for the past 8 years. Of course, METAKOO is our factory-owned brand. Our company address is: Room 102, Building P09, Huanancity Elec-trading Center, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China.

We set out to produce E Bikes with more advanced functionalities and hipper aesthetics while staying true to their original concept, consistently maintaining a beginner-friendly price and functional design. Meanwhile, we’d love to create electric bikes that bring convenience, comfort, and cool experience to all users.

Our Metakoo Cybertrack 100 / 300 ebike closely follow the needs of users and the needs of community, so that people can use our bikes to go to work, food delivery, courier, short trips, and friends gatherings.

Pursuing quality, focusing on customer comfort and attention to detail. So, the Metakoo brand is very popular in the USA and CA markets now.

metakoo electric bike

Metakoo e bike is devoted to help people find and achieve a new way for short trips.

More than just a convenient means of transportation, cycling symbolizes a sustainable lifestyle for us, and for more people to enjoy outdoor sports.

Besides, we realized what environmental protection could bring to us and society. Facing the future sustainable trend, we will further develop in the electric vehicle industry to build a low-carbon society. 

metakoo cybertrack 100 e bike riding

Particularly, by a direct-to-consumer distribution model, Metakoo electric bike  empower more and more people to live a more fun and healthier life. So, join us on our journey to create ebikes and make our travel more enjoyable, fast and easy.

metakoo cybertrack 100 electric bike riding


Shop with confidence! We built 2 warehouses in USA and Canada . Free Shipping and Duty Free, enjoy 3-10 days fast delivery time.

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