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Cybertrack 100 Metakoo Electric Bike Review

Metakoo Cybertrack 100 ebike, the company’s first model, is designed for price-conscious consumers. It seems to be surprisingly good and is a pretty decent start for the price under 1000USD. Metakoo 26″ electric bike Cybertrack 100 is obviously an entry-level ebike.

Tech Specs Of Metakoo E Bike Cybertrack 100

  • Powerful Motor:Bafang 350W rear hub motor
  • Top speed:32 km/h (20 mph)
  • Long Range:Up to 48 km (30 miles)
  • Removable Battery:36V 10.4Ah (375 Wh)
  • Max load:140 kg (309 lbs)
  • Bike Weight: 21 kg (46 lbs)
  • Suspension:Front only
  • Brakes:Dual Mechanical disc brakes
  • Extras:LCD display, 4A fast charger, Shimano 21-speed
metakoo cybertrack 100 electric bike

When choosing frame materials, the Metakoo e bike doesn’t obtain cheap steel to keep costs down. Metakoo 26″ Cybertrack 100 e bike uses 6061 aluminum alloy for its frame. 

Firstly, this high-quality material has good corrosion resistance, weldability and machinability. Besides, the material is dense and defect-free, has an excellent oxidation effect and is lightweight. Accordingly, it’s widely used in aerospace, electrical fixtures and communication fields.

375 Wh battery lasts up to 30+ miles (48+ kilometers) in all-electric mode without a recharge and considerably further 30-40 Miles in pedal-assist mode. The 36V 10.4Ah battery is a little low capacity, but it works fine for our entry-level ride.

A 350 W motor boosts the Metakoo Cybertrack 100 e-bike to a top speed of 20MPH (32KM/H). Riders can run at high speeds and cruise effortlessly in pedal assist mode.  It isn’t going to be a very powerful eMTB, but it’s still worth the money.

 A small LCD display graces the handlebar, which shows the battery level, motor power, speed, odometer and gear.

Riders will also find a half twist throttle on the handlebar, rather than a thumb throttle.  Half-twist throttles are perfect for that situation when terrain gets uneven since your thumb is bouncing up and down along with the bike.  

metakoo electric bike cybertrack 100 frame
metakoo cybertrack 100 e bike left handbar
metakoo cybertrack 100 e bike right handbar

Metakoo 26″ electric bike Cybertrack 100 has a front derailleur in addition to the rear derailleur. The Shimano 21-speed  (Front 3-Speed, Rear 7-Speed)  gears help you tackle various terrains. Shimano is a reliable, safe and trustworthy transmission manufacturer. This e-bike gives you more choices of the speed. You can customize your choice of a comfortable speed to complete your journey. Choose different gears for different terrains. Try switching to a larger gear when riding uphill and switching to a smaller gear when driving at high speeds. This increases your riding comfort.

The dual mechanical disc brakes work well even in the harshest conditions. Riders can safely traverse rough terrain or brake in time when riding at high speeds. They are good enough to entry-level riders.

While most e-bikes of this level are paired with 2A chargers, the Metakoo Cybertrack 100 e-bike  comes with a higher power 4A charger which means you can get a full charge in barely three hours.

The pedals are real alloy rather than plastic, the saddle is also acceptable.

However, there are no lights or fenders on the ebike. You have to add some parts to this electric bike according to your need.

metakoo e bike cybertrack 100 gear
metakoo electric bike cybertrack 100 motor
metakoo cybertrack 100 e bike fork

Metakoo Cybertrack 100-A Cheap Off-road Electric Bike That Doesn’t Feel Cheap

Everything else on this Metakoo 26″ electric mountain bike Cybertrack 100 is all acceptable for a leisurely, fun e-bike that allows riders to take on all terrain from city streets to mountain trails.  The Metakoo electric bike strives to strike the right balance between price and quality components, aiming to provide customers with the best quality at the most reasonable price.  

E-bikes like these are designed for providing practical function rather than very high performance. While budget e-bikes like these can help new riders enter the e-bike world at lower prices than ever before.

With the Metakoo 26″ electric bike Cybertrack 100, you can go faster and farther than you’re used to. The bike is perfect for adventure on any type of trail. Ride wherever you want to go on your electric bike, explore unknown places, enjoy the natural scenery and have fun. It is really a great start for someone who only has a budget under $1000. 

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