Metakoo Electric Bike Assembly Instructions

Some assembly was required when the well-protected Metakoo E Bike package arrived. Metakoo Electric Bike instructions can took you through the attachment of the front wheel, disc brake, handlebar, and accessories. If you had never built a bike before, it would be possible to do so on your own with some patience, but an experienced person could easily assemble the entire product with ease. All the parts of Metakoo Ebike were already pre-tuned, but some small adjustments were still necessary to ensure the front disc brake did not rub and the 3-speed gears properly shifted. Don’t be afraid, Metakoo Electric Bike comes with 85% assembled. From start to finish, complete assembly of a Metakoo Electric Bike at home will take less than an hour with our step-by-step instructions . Let us take Metakoo Cybertrack 100 Ebike for example. (You can install Metakoo Cybertrack 300 e-bike in the same way )

metakoo electric bike parts

What’s in the box?

Metakoo Electric BikeHandlebar 
Manual(s) Battery with two keys
Disc BrakeCharger
Front WheelPedals (marked left & right)
SeatAssembly Tools

Metakoo Electric Bike Assembly Instructions Step-By-Step

1.Install the disc brake to the front wheel

Pop the brake pad on top and slide it on the brake rotor tightly. Ensure disc brake’s arrow points in the same orientation as the tire’s rotational direction, then attach it to the front wheel by screwing the 6 bolts in alternating.

metakoo electric bike assembly tools
metakoo ebike brake
metakoo electric bike install disc brake 1
metakoo electric bike install disc brake
metakoo ebike install disc brake 4

2.Install the handlebar

Rotate the stem to align with the fork steerer tube. Pay attention to the yellow arrows: that part of the fork faces forward too.

metakoo electric bike install handbar
metakoo e bike install handbar
metakoo bikes handbar

Remove the 4 bolts holding the faceplate on the stem using hex wrench provided. Holding bars against the front end of stem, secure the faceplate over the bars and gently install all bolts through the faceplate and into the stem. The handlebar should be secured with the 4 bolts in alternating, opposite order. It is very important the bolts are securely tightened to prevent handles from coming loose while riding.

metakoo e bike install handbar 1
metakoo ebike install handbar 3
metakoo e bike install handbar 2

3.Install the front wheel

Place quick release skewer through front wheel. Insert the skewer through the front wheel axle from the side of brake disc. There is a spring on each end with the narrow part facing inward toward the bike. Fasten wheel to the front fork. Make sure both sides of the axle are fully engaged into the fork dropouts.

metakoo electric bike install front wheel
metakoo ebike install front wheel
metakoo e bike brake

4.Install the pedals

Pedals with “L” and “R” stamped into the spindle end. Note the rotation labeled on each pedal and use a wrench to securely mount them in the respective direction to the crank arms. Right pedal: clockwise to install. Left pedal: counterclockwise to install

metakoo electric bike install pedal
metakoo e bike pedal

5.Install the derailleur protector

You may have to push or pull the protector a bit until it hovers nicely over the derailleur.

metakoo e-bike derailleur protector
metakoo e bike install derailleur protector

6.Install the head and tail reflectors

metakoo electric bike install head reflector
metakoo e bike install tail reflector

7.Adjust the seat post to the proper height

Legs should be slightly bent at a 160 degree angle while seated and with foot on pedal at its lowest position, and do not lift the seat post beyond its maximum height line.

8.Install the battery

Lock the battery box for safe riding.

metakoo e bike install seat
metakoo electric bike install battery

9.Pump the tires

Strongly recommend 50 psi for an e-bike that will be used for cruising around town for an average rider weight.

10.Final check

Finally, fine tune disc brakes, brake handles, and gear shifters as needed. Go over each bolt you installed and make sure that everything is tight. Put on your helmet and you’re ready to ride!

metakoo electric bike adjustment

Metakoo Electric Bike Battery Maintenance Instructions

1.Before first use, charge the battery fully. It usually takes 3 hours to fully charge your Metakoo electric bike. AC charging brick LED: Red = Charging. Green = Full.
2.Lithium Ion batteries are known to be volatile and could catch on fire, so
●Do not charge overnight or unsupervised for prolonged periods of time. Stop charging once full.
●Do not leave the bike in full sun or below freezing.
3.Keep battery charged at 50% or more to prolong battery’s 500+ cycle lifespan. Try to never let it drain completely.
●Lithium-Ion batteries lose about 20-25% of capacity after every 500 charging cycle.

metakoo e bike battery